UI Design

Web Design. UI Design, Typography, Layout.

I come from a design background, and the visual aspect of a project is always on my mind. I enjoy being able to solve a problem from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.

Front End

HTML, CSS, Javascript.

I feel at home writing semantically correct markup and building the interface that the user will interact with. Web design was my introduction to programming, and I feel at home on the front end of the server doing client-side coding.

There are some who call me…Tim?

I am Tim Meadows, and I’m a designer. (Yes, just like the guy from SNL. No relation.)

I design and I develop. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I love the puzzles that come with this line of work. I’m thrilled to be able to creatively solve problems, and I’m thrilled to be a working commercial artist.

Who I am

I was born in Central Florida and grew up in Orlando, the land of theme parks and swamps. I moved to England right out of high school, but went back home to Orlando for college. I atteneded Valencia College and came out of there with a couple o degrees in Graphic Design and Interactive Design. Since then I worked in the local area for a bit, and then have moved out of the Florida again. I’m slowly drifting northward and am currently located just outside of the greater Atlanta area with my wife and daughter.

I’ve been developing websites and doing print work for the past 5 years. I started drawing seriously in High Schol and I was thrilled to be in a career that allows me to be creative and draw, whether that be an illustration in pen, sketching out a logo, or wireframing a new application.

I like to make things, and I’m thrilled to be moving more into interactive projects, both with the UI Design and the logic that runs underneath the hood. If you have a project that needs either design work or front end development I would love to talk to you. Feel free to email me at timothydmeadows@gmail.com, or send me a note with the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you.


I am looking for work in web development. I’m can work on on both the front and back end of the stack, along with the UI design of an application. To the right are a few places where you can find my work, both in code and design, along with a description of my work experience and skills.

Name Timothy Meadows

Age 26

Cell 407-443-0627

Email timothydmeadows@gmail.com


Sole Scenic – 2007 to 2008

Jack of All Trades

Prop Creation, Wood Working, Errands, Fiberglass Fabrication, Sculpting, Set Painting.

Lure Design – 2009 to 2010

Screen Printing Intern

Burning Screens, Running Prints, Maintaingin Screens, Clerical Work, Administrative Assistance

Valencia College – 2009 to 2012

Lab Assistant – Graphic Design Computer Lab –  2009 to 2011

Macintosh Lab Maintenance, Software Troubleshooting, Enviromental Signage, Large Fomat Printer Operation, Design Program Design Colateral.

Graphic Designer – 2011 to 2012

WordPress Website Maintenance, Print Design for Internal Communications, Web Graphics

Timothy Meadows LLC – 2011 to Present

Managing Member/Designer

Contract Work – Website Design, Lapel Pin Design, Challenge Coin Design, Website Development, Logo Design, Layout Design.

Hallmark Nameplate –  2012 to Present

Pre-Press Techninician (Graphics Wrangler)

Print preproduction for Nameplates and Panels





CSS3, Sass, Less


Jquery, Coffeescript


Ruby on Rails, Rspec


Web Design





UI Design

Get In Touch

Contact (AKA How to Hire Me)

Timothy Meadows

Cell: 407-443-0627

Email: timothydmeadows@gmail.com

You can reach me by email for any needs that you might have. I’m curretly accepting contract work, and I am open to offers for full time employment, as long as it looks like something that will work on both sides. Feel free to email me at the address above, or fill in the contact form to the left.

Also,  as I am located in Georgia, I run on Eastern Standard Time, so please allow for that if you are trying to reach me. Thanks!