Timothy D Meadows

Designer • Developer • Illustator

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Timothy Meadows

Design • Development • Illustration

My name is Timothy Meadows, and I’m a design technologist. I design, I develop, and I illustrate. I want to school for graphic design and web design, but I’ve taught myself the development side of things since then. It grew from a desire to not only design a great experience, but to see it in action.

I’ve worked in print, both designing and printing. There is nothing like the smell of ink and paper. At the same time, I find myself the most at home with pixels and command lines. I love the immediacy of watching a digital design come together, and knowing that my work can affect millions of people in an instant.

To the left are links to my blog, my resume, and my portfolio. Take a peak around and if you’d like to know more send me an email with the form below. Remember to include your name and email so that I know who I’m talking to. Cheers!

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